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As a guest in our Speciality Accommodation you will find our spacious rooms to be well appointed with all of the extras you expect. Our Ethnic Japanese Experience and Expertise will ensure that your stay here will be a memorable experience.
Feel at Home
With a rich and in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture, the staff at YUHI Hospitality understands the needs and preferences of our guests to make them feel at home.

Welcome to YUHI !

YUHI, one of the finest residences in Delhi/NCR, is here to delight guests with traditional fare from the land of the rising sun-Japan The elegantly designed and fashionably styled YUHI provides comfortable and contemporary accommodation with comprehensive business services. YUHI is an ideal place for business, as well as leisure. It might be a visit for work, a weekend break or an extended holiday. YUHI with its friendly hospitality, modern conveniences and superior service promises to make your stay a memorable one.
We provide Customised Offerings for our esteemed Japanese guest
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